Brain Treatment Overview

Defenders of Freedom offers a solution to Veterans who struggle with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This signature wound of post 9/11 Veterans is grossly neglected. It has gone undiagnosed and untreated in many Veterans we have worked with over the years. For many Veterans, the diagnosis is Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and the corresponding treatment is prescribed medications. The symptoms of PTS and TBI do mirror each other and those symptoms can be relieved through medication, but for those with TBI, this relief does nothing to treat the injury to the brain. Functional neurology, on the other hand, is an effective treatment for brain injury.

We have partnered with Dr. Scharlene Gaudet for many years and the Las Colinas Pharmacy to address both the physiological and chemistry issues facing Veterans with TBI.

Las Colinas Pharmacy: Recognized for providing the highest level of service, whether dispensing traditional prescription drugs or personalized, compounded medications. One of the original pioneers in pharmacy compounding, Las Colinas Pharmacy sustains cutting edge knowledge, technology and quality control procedures. Their focus on wellness and helping Veterans through hormone therapy or supplementation fits perfectly for building a healthy brain.

Treatments and Therapies

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Right Eye
Natus EMG
Interactive Metronome



I was injured during my time of service and because of that injury I've had problems and struggles sleeping and concentrating among others. In 2017 I attempted suicide and when I got out they sent me to the VA. The day I got out, the VA they labeled me an alcoholic, bipolar amongst other things. From that day I received bad ill treatment from the VA. I went through about 14 medications in six months and I was hospitalized because of that. Today from day one, I've been able to smile a lot more. People can notice. They tell me I'm smiling more. I have more energy. I want to be social and I’ve realized through this I'm not alone. I'm not crazy. There are others that are hurting. There are others that suffer. You got to walk the road to understand what it's like to get here and once you're here, it really doesn't make a difference.
- Leon Nogic

My name is Robert Emminger. I retired after 28 and a half years in the Marine Corps. I absolutely did not think I had a traumatic brain injury. That turned into showing up Monday doing my evaluation and realizing that there's more issues than I thought. I had a lot of memory issues, a lot of motivation issues. What this program is: they listen to you, they get down to the root of your problems and they tailor the treatment for you. This is absolutely an incredible opportunity. I feel like I've been given a humongous gift, a priceless gift that I could never repay.
- Rob Emminger

My name is Eric Pardo. I've been having problems with sleep since my first mass casualty incident. Because I haven't addressed the core issues, I have some subsequent other issues that I’ve started to deal with. I have two daughters and they need a great father. I'm an okay dad but I can't control what's going on and I need to be a better dad. If I could just sleep every day that'd be awesome. It's not like I want to sleep 8 hours, 10 hours. I just want to sleep again. My experience in Synapse has been amazing. The main thing that I wanted to work on was my sleep. I have slept every night at least six to eight hours every night. The last time that happened was over 12 years ago. I personally thank you and I salute you personally for every single one of you guys that did donate to the Defenders of Freedom, thank you so much.
- Eric Pardo

For the past 10 years, I've been dealing with getting treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. I’ve dealt with a lot of things that have affected my life, my job, my everything. One of the big things I had for the past 10 years was sleeping problems. In fact I even got to a point where I was going to substance abuse in order to sleep. First day of the therapy part of the whole deal I must have slept about 12 hours that night. To finally know where a lot of these symptoms come from. To other vets out there that are experiencing possible traumatic brain injuries whether you need to get tested or treated I recommend Synapse Human Performance Center for your treatment and testing. I want to thank Defenders of Freedom, and the donors for Defenders of Freedom without your donations this would not be possible thank you.
- Matt Bertron

I didn't have a good quality of life or I say quality of life. That's a term used loosely. I know how I was different a couple of weeks ago. There are no words to describe how happy I am. I'm a pretty humble guy and I've never been used to this type of care and it's overwhelming. Thank You Defenders of Freedom. It’s been a long time. It's been 14-15 years since I had a good year man. That's really horrible but for the first time I'm going to actually come out of my hole and get more involved. I think if we pull together and do the right thing, anything's possible.
- Jason Field

My name is James Trombley. I am a United States Marine. I was in 2002-2006. When I first heard about this helping veterans especially with TBIs and PTSD it really piqued my interest. I work with the veteran community a lot, especially North Dallas area. What I really like about this place is how they challenge the different areas of your brain. They put you in multiple different stations; whether it be the gyro where they spin you upside down make you sing and talk and look at different things, really just engaging different areas of the brain, all the way from core body workout to make sure your balance is good to make sure your body has symmetry. What I'm seeing here in my personal experience, I would highly suggest for other veterans who may be suffering from TBI or PTSD or maybe you have a hard time sleeping, maybe your hormones are off. This would be a great place to come to and find your base your foundation here. Let them reset you. Put you on a path of a solution and get you better.
- James Trombley