Treatments and Therapies

"TMS: This rehabilitation tool is a magnet that is used for specific focal repetitive impulses to the brain. It will activate the area of the brain that is underactive or caught in cortical loops. TMS may be utilized over several different locations of the brain for different reasons. The most widely used being the left prefrontal cortex which has been approved for depression therapy. "

"Gyrostim: It is proposed that by untiring angular accelerations we may influence the vestibular system, cerebellum, pons, and more. "

"Right Eye: This is a diagnostic tool used to objectively measure eye movements. It is used to test many different types of eye functions, reaction time, and complex reaction time. "

"VNG: This is a diagnostic tool for eye movements that measures latency, amplitude, and speed. "

"Alter G: This is an antigravity treadmill. This tool helps to unload pressure on joints. It is best for people with peripheral neuropathies or abnormalities of gait. This tool is used to visualize the feet while gaiting via the camera it provides, measuring how much pressure the patient is putting on either foot while gaiting, backwards and forward gaiting. This tool helps re-integrate gravity after re-training a gait. "

"Natus EMG: This device is a diagnostic and rehabilitation tool. A neurologist performs needle EMG’s and NCV’s. This is termed electrodiagnosis. This helps identify the integrity of the nerves in question and can at times help solidify a diagnosis. As a rehabilitation tool, this equipment serves as an electrical modality. We can use electrical pulses to stimulate different areas of the body for a desired outcome. "

"Bertec: This diagnostic tool serves to look at the integrity of the visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems. It also tells us the patient's center of pressure, adaptive control, limit of stability, and motor control. "

"B-tracks: This diagnostic tool is used for the integrity of balance. We can further examine the brain's ability to integrate changes in head positioning and balance. This helps us see changes in angular movement in relationship to balance centers. "

"Interactive Metronome: This tool is designed to help with neurocognitive timing. This machine provides feedback to the patient. Allowing them to monitor and measure their movements in order to achieve a goal. "

"Rebuilder: This electrical modality is FDA cleared TENS/EMS unit used for diabetic clinics, cancer clinics, chiropractic clinics around the world. It is Neuroelectric therapy device. This device rebuilds nerves by using patented waveform which automatically adjusts to each patient’s specific needs. It calms the nerves and increases blood flow to the affected areas which allows the nerve cells to heal. "

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