“When I got with Defenders of Freedom I found my purpose and what I wanted to achieve was to try to get that camaraderie back that I had in the military.”

On August 17, 2007 Tim Seckel was blown up by an EFP in Iraq. He was critically wounded and lost LT Jonathan Edds, who was sitting right next to him.

Tim spent the next two years recovering from a broken back, neck injuries, head trauma and PTS. In 2009 he was medically retired from the Army. After his discharge Tim began feeling like he had no purpose in life — in Iraq he had missions every day, a camaraderie among Soldiers who looked out for each other, and a brotherhood like he had never experienced before. Tim was slowly sinking into a deep depression that he knew he needed to get out of.

One day a friend took Tim and his 12 year old son, Grant, clay shooting. Tim loved doing something with his son and it felt good to be shooting a gun again. His son asked what he thought about taking other Veterans clay shooting so they would have something fun to do with other Veterans. Tim’s AW2 suggested he contact Defenders of Freedom (DOF) for assistance. Understanding this would connect Veterans on a level they would enjoy that could also help with their healing, DOF embraced the idea and gave Tim what he needed to get started. Because of his 100% disability Tim was unable to work, but he could volunteer and Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds allowed him to bring Veterans to their range. Defenders of Freedom and Fossil Pointe provide the clays and the ammo so there is no cost to the Veteran. Many bonds and relationships have been successfully formed among his fellow Veterans out of Tim’s desire to help his brothers in their journey.