Notes From the Troops

- Ramon Martinez

"I got one of you boxes today. It was the one with the humidor and cigars in it, along with the ton of protein. The humidor is awesome, thank you so very much. The other guys on the team loved the protein shakes and bars. The coffee pot you sent had a built in grinder. Im sure my teammates would like a grinder to have really fresh coffee. Two of them are into the french press thing and like making coffee that way. Would absolutely love some Starbucks coffee. Happy New Years with tons of love from the 'stan."
- Michael Brown - Cigar Fest

- Michael Brown - Talk about a "ROUGH" shot

"I finally rounded up a few people with their blankets. I am trying to round up a company photo that we took not too long ago. We got another box or two of magazines, and as always - they cruised through them... they dont last more than a day.
- Jason Royston

- Jamie & Santa

- Ramsey & Santa

"Putting the clubs to use already, i'll be good on balls until sometime next month. Thank you Donna one of my guys is really interested in golf right now. We love you!!! Thank you for making this tour a bit easier for us. It means alot to me and the guys that somebody do take care of us when we ask for the impossible... never thought I could have golf clubs here in Iraq. Thank you Donna and the FREEDOM DEFENDERS..."
- Justin Faafiti

"Just wanted to let you and Linda know all the hard work that you guys are doing really is paying off that is for sure. You both are wonderful woman and have donated your time and hearts in to the right positive direction. Thank you so much you have touched for a lifetime Thank you again."
- Heather Die

"I really just wanted to tell you thank you! Your package was way more than I expected and it made everyone's day!!!! Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
SGT Stacy C. Dowe

Yay more magazines today! Thank you!!!
- SSG Mac Arthur D. Ocampo
"Thank you so very much. Mr. Cody, one of the TBI soldiers, has also said, thank you so very much for the help this season. He is very thankful. Our Dr. also said thank you for helping the soldier with the fitness equipment. Filling that request was a blessing to him too."
- AW2 Amy Hawk

"Thank you for all the goodies you have sent us, we can't thank you enough for all the support you give us. I wanna wish everyone at Defenders of Freedom a prosperous new year 2011 and good health. May God bless each and eveyone of the volunteers that make all your efforts possible for deployed Soldiers. We don't feel too far away from home when a simple note of support lifts our spirits and gives us the strenght to finish the mission and return to our loved ones. Let me tell you, what your group does for Soldiers makes a big difference in our morale. Thanks for all the support, from the bottom of my heart!!"
- Kelvin Acosta
"Happy New Year!!! Just wanted to touch base again and see how things are going. I know you and your crew made many a soldier, seaman, and Marine's holiday season enjoyable despite being overseas. I'll never forget your generosity."
- Jeremy
"My soldier is deployed and has already received three care packages from you with more than he thought you would ever send. I think you sent everything that he and his team requested and more. The heaters you sent in the first package have already been put to good use and the fans will be great once it starts warming up. My soldier got the package with the toaster oven yesterday at mail call, and that was one of the first things he mentioned on the phone - he was ecstatic. He says that every package and letter he gets, whether from family or Defenders of Freedom, is like Christmas. What you do is a huge morale booster to my soldier, his team, and other soldiers stationed with him. Thank you for finding ways to bring a smile to the faces of troops overseas."
- Jarrelle Waldorf, wife of U.S. Soldier