Ride to Heal


On September 6, 2016, one of our Veterans is organizing a bicycle ride with 2 other wounded Veterans from the Chicago Area to Irving, Texas. They are taking this 900 mile ride to raise funds to help 2 Veterans receive treatment at Carrick Brain Center. Your donations will make that treatment happen.

You will be able to see their updates, follow their training, and the see them on the road on their Facebook Page, Ride To Heal.

James Dennis is the organizer of this Ride to Heal. Here is his story:
I needed treatment because in 2010 I deployed with the 101st Airborne Division to Afghanistan. During my deployment I was blown up three times, twice in one day and again about three weeks later. I am a 2x Purple Heart recipient. I suffer from TBI and PTS amongst other physical injuries. The two wounded veterans traveling with me are both Purple Heart recipients, both of them also were blown up.
James says, “We are doing this to help our brothers who suffer from TBI and PTS get proven help at the Carrick Brain Center for their unseen injuries. Your contributions will make a difference by offering real help for unseen injuries. We need you to offer hope and help to stop losing 22+ of my brothers every day, that’s Active Duty and Veteran; Army, Marine, Air Force, and Navy. This is about helping my brothers and sisters!”

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