UPDATE: Aug. 17, 2007

On Saturday, March 17, we had our first official introduction of Patrick to the Dallas Fort Worth Community. American Legion Posts around the area gathered at Fair Park’s Vietnam Memorial, in a show of support to their comrades holding vigil at the Vietnam Wall in Washington against the war protesters. Their meeting held a dual purpose. They also welcomed Patrick Myers as an honorary lifetime member into Longhorn Post 333. Patrick was given a leather vest and many welcomed him with patches and pins from their local organizations.

Patrick was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for him and Desiree. Approximately 140 bikers gathered, paid respects to their fallen comrades and one in need. After a brief ceremony the riders headed to the Tap In Pub and Grill in Grapevine for lunch, then out to Patrick’s house to sign up for volunteer work to be done in the near future. Reconstruction/renovation will begin in the next couple of weeks and be completed by the time Patrick is released from Brooke Army Medical Center.

Thank you to each one who came out in support of Patrick. It is through the collective efforts of each one that we will make a huge difference. It was a dream come true for Defenders Of Freedom to see Patrick surrounded by so much support and love. Thank you all.

A special thank you to Kenny Wiles, owner of Tap In Pub and Grill, and the Cigar shops in Grapevine, Arlington and Addison, TX. Kenny has raised thousands of dollars to send cigars to our troops. He started the process of contacting the general contractor and workers for Patrick’s house. And a special thanks to Ron “Judge” Bean for his enthusiasm organizing Saturday’s events and his commitment to making sure everything is covered for the work ahead. You guys are the best!

And thank you to everyone who has contributed monetarily. We are making a difference. Please check back periodically to see the progress on the house.