These stories represent the many lives Defenders of Freedom has impacted by serving our wounded and transitioning Veterans.

DOF: Reclaiming Brotherhood

DOF: Recovering Base

DOF: Finding a Foundation



Tim Seckel – Reclaiming Brotherhood

“When I got with Defenders of Freedom I found my purpose and what I wanted to achieve was to try to get that camaraderie back that I had in the military.” On August 17, 2007 Tim Seckel was blown up by an EFP in Iraq. He was critically wounded and lost LT Jonathan Edds, who

James Dennis – Helping Brothers

“I was blown up twice in one day, and again two weeks later” James joined the Army in 2008 as an Infantryman and was deployed to a remote base in Afghanistan in 2010. When he was blown up twice in one day James refused to be medevac’d away from his buddies, convincing his chain of

Anthony Smith – Discipline Isn’t Punishment

“Defenders of Freedom helped me get my base back” Anthony took a direct hit by an RPG on April 24, 2004 while serving in Iraq. He was critically wounded and placed in a body bag. When a nurse came to check his dog tag she noticed bubbles in the blood that was pooled on his

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