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Defenders of Freedom offers assistance to Veterans looking for jobs.

Relationships are built with the companies in the area for future placement of Veterans. Once the relationships are built, we will receive weekly updates on current job openings and continue developing the relationships.

Veterans are recommended to us through the Advocates for Wounded Warriors (AW2), VA social workers, our website, and word of mouth. When a Veteran contacts us, we will substantiate their service through their DD214. At this time, we will assign them a mentor. The mentor then meets with the Veteran to review their resume for completion and accuracy. After the review, the mentor will match up potential jobs with the skill set that the Veteran holds. They then set up a plan for submission of the resume to various companies.

After the Veteran submits their application, the mentor will contact the company to ensure the review of the resume. This streamlines the process for the Veteran, relieving the stress of job hunting. Veterans will be coached prior to interviews, ensuring that the Veteran feels confident and prepared.

There is continual contact with both the company and Veteran throughout the process, so that the relationships are strengthened over time. These relationships will allow for a cyclical effect to take place, allowing for more Veterans to be hired in the future.

Some of the secondary priorities of the program include events such as quarterly workshops with the Veterans to discuss various topics related to Veterans in the workplace.

Having these additions to our program will encourage the success of the Veteran in the workplace.