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Our dinner series offers supporters an opportunity to hear the stories of our nation's warriors.  Learn about their wartime experience, their recovery and transitions, and how they moved forward in their civilian lives.

Proceeds will help provide emergency financial assistance for post 9/11 Veterans as they transition to civilian life, and to send Veterans to alternative treatments for their brain injuries.

Help us welcome Kirstie Ennis as she shares her journey. 

Kirstie Ennis lives in the Roaring Fork Valley area in Colorado where she is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration to accompany her Masters of 
Business Administration and her Masters in Psychology. She works as a stuntwoman in major motion pictures, a veterans’ advocate, and as a Paralympic athlete. 

Kirstie served as a door gunner and CH-53 Helicopter Mechanic in the US Marine Corps. When her aircraft went down during combat operations in Afghanistan 2012 she was critically injured. In addition to the left leg amputation, she sustained full thickness facial trauma, spinal injuries, a traumatic brain injury, and shoulder injuries. After recovery, Kirstie became dedicated to exceeding expectations. 

She is now a semi-regular competitor and finisher in Ironman and marathon races. She is the junior director of a nonprofit organization, Wounded Warrior Outdoors,
which takes wounded service men and women on therapeutic outdoor adventures. Kirstie is a spokesperson for the nonprofit organization Building Homes for Heroes, which provides adapted mortgage free homes to critically
injured veterans. She is training for both a spot in the Winter Paralympic Games for boardercross as well as her new goal of reaching the Seven Summits. Kirstie’s passions for engaging women, veterans, and wounded
populations in outdoor recreation and rehabilitation make her an excellent addition to this team.