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Thank you for being a part of our Patriot Dinner! It was an
incredible evening.  We heard your story Hamody!  Thank you to our sponsors,
Epic Building & Glass, Union Gospel Mission of Dallas, and The Gibson
Family.  Pictures from the evening are at the link to the right.

Hamody is the author of The Terrorist Whisperer, who
has been one of America’s greatest weapons in fighting the terror war
against AL Qaeda and ISIS. He is an Iraqi born native who grew up under
the devastating oppression of Saddam’s Regime. Hamody went from being a young
man beaten every day in Saddam’s prison, to being one of the most lethal spies
in Iraq and became a threat to all the terrorists in the Iraqi war. He saved
many Americans’ lives by eliminating high level Al-Qaeda and Islamic State
operatives, and terrorist organizations. He personally experienced one of
Saddam’s prisons at the age of 12 as a political prisoner. He witnessed the
terror and deprivation of living under such a regime.  

In 2003, once the American troops had arrived, Hamody’s
impossible dream to enlist in the new Iraqi Army became a reality. He seized
the opportunity to help create a new Iraq and go after the terrorists who long
plagued Iraq and the rest of the world. Once his training had concluded he was
selected into the prestigious Personal Security Detail Team. In 2004, after
being engaged in one of the bloodiest battles on Haifa Street, Hamody received
a battlefield promotion to Sergeant Major; the youngest to receive this honor
in history. Due to his promotion and determination he was given the job of
overseeing security for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. One of the most
important and most dangerous locations in Baghdad. In 2005, Hamody was
recruited by U.S. Intelligence and became one of the most valuable intelligence
assets inside the Iraqi MOD. His position and selfless determination afforded
him the ability to gather and seek highly sensitive intelligence information
that was impossible to get. He had the ability to understand how the high level
corrupt Iraqi officials conducted business inside their organization. His
intelligence information aided in the fight for the Marines in Falluja and made
it to the presidential advisors for the presidential debriefings.

To date, Hamody still keeps in contact with many of his PSD
team members and gets the most accurate information from the battlefield in

Our dinner series offers supporters an opportunity to hear
the stories of our nation's warriors.  Learn about their wartime
experience, their recovery and transitions, and how they moved forward in their
civilian lives.  

Proceeds will help provide emergency financial assistance
for post 9/11 Veterans as they transition to civilian life, and to send
Veterans to alternative treatments for their brain injuries.