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Defenders of Freedom is a Non Profit Organization (501c3) and all money and item donations are tax deductible. We thank each of our donors and volunteers for the increasing awareness and support of DOF.

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Donations for STOP22

22 Veterans Commit Suicide Everyday. Join STOP22 in helping us end these suicides. Many Troops survive combat only to return home to face a new battle. The transition to civilian life is more difficult than most of them are prepared for. The work to support our Veterans is critical and is life saving for many. Will you join us in helping reduce Veteran suicides by making a monthly commitment of $22.00? How your support helps Veterans in crisis:
- Emergency financial assistance to provide housing, and living related needs
- Programs for moral support
- Veteran to Veteran mentoring
- Hope for a better tomorrow


Memorial Donations

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Donate By Mail

If you prefer to send your donation via U.S. Mail, our address is below:

Defenders of Freedom
320 HWY 121 Suite 203
Coppell, TX 75019

Suggested items for troops as requested:
beef jerky,slim jims, ramen noodles, nuts of all kinds, body wash(20oz or less), cd's, dvd's, mach111 razors/refills, xbox, psp games, ps2 or ps3 games, shaving cream, foot powder, toothpaste, candy

Remember, all money and item donations are tax deductible.