Homes Defenders of Freedom: Dedication


“We are grateful to all our great sponsors who came together and helped make it possible for us to provide two new homes to wounded warriors in the Dallas area, this has been an incredible experience, and we could not be more excited for the two veterans and their families receiving the homes to begin new chapters in their lives.”


City of Dallas
Joe and Kimberly Colonnetta
Richard and Diana Lane

PLATINUM SPONSOR ($10,000 – $30,000)
Brad Parker Plumbing
Don Dykstra, Bloomfield Homes
Joe Pipes
Larry and Pam Little
Lattimore Concrete
Gary Cunningham
TXI Concrete
Malibu Floors
Lane Custom Homes

GOLD SPONSOR ($5,000 – $9,000)
Chuck Bluth
AMX Companies
Johnson Supply
K & S Air Conditioning
Ramer Concrete
Tiseo Paving
T-rock Roofing

SILVER SPONSOR ($1,000 – $3,000)
Alex Childress
Allied Stone
Don Daseke
Jubilee Company
Keith Way
Kelly Moore Paint Co.
Ken Kleinberg
Mike Magers
Rusty Rose
Todd Meier
Tom Hunse
Will Rose
Overhead Garage Door Co.

BRONZE SPONSOR ($100 – $500)
Amanda Phillips
Chad Vose
Eddie Hale
Gary and Nancy Brown
Harriett Lane
James Pritchett
Julie Coppedge
Max Swango
Mike Emmett
Ray Balestri
Sam and Denise Jones
Sandy Bisigano
Steve and Marnie Mast
Susan White


We also would like to thank Christy French with HCK2 Partners for the great media coverage, and US Bank / Financial Services community development group for providing the refreshments.


Photos by Julie Coppedge and Donna Cranston

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