About Us

Defenders of Freedom is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization that connects the community to Veterans and provides donors with the organization they need to support Post 9/11 Veterans.

Defenders of Freedom (DOF) was birthed from the Welcome Home a Hero program at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in September of 2004. This program supported the Army's Rest and Recuperation program for weary Soldiers to come home for 2 weeks during their yearlong tour. Donna Cranston attended her first greeting in June of 2004, and it changed her life. Her son was in Iraq at that time. As she met more and more Soldiers coming through the airport and learned many were not receiving care packages, she decided to support them. As the numbers grew she knew she needed some help sustaining it and found that many people wanted to help, they simply didn't know how. She formed Defenders of Freedom as an avenue to connect the community to the Troops.

As the wars have prolonged the focus of Defenders of Freedom has turned to helping Post 9/11 Veterans at home. DOF offers emergency financial assistance to wounded and transitioning Veterans, resume preparation, and employment searches. Additionally, they have Veteran initiated programs for peer mentoring. They continue to send care packages upon request from deployed Troops.

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