Defenders of Freedom

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Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

Defenders of Freedom will celebrate our 10 year anniversary supporting our military members. Please join us for an evening of impactful memories and history. Then hear our vision for future plans. Tickets go on sale July 15th.


Anniversary Sponsorships

Defenders of Freedom will hold its 10 Year Anniversary Celebration on 9/11/14. We expects hundreds of supporters, Veterans and active duty military members at the event. We'll reflect over the years of service we've given to our active duty and wounded Troops, and highlight stories of some of the Veterans we served. We'll have a silent auction and raffle items. Would you consider helping to make this a memorable event?


10 Year Anniversary Commemorative Ad Book

Do you have a loved one who served in the Military that you would like to honor, a unit you served with, honor the branch you served for, or show your company's patriotism? Help support our wounded and transitioning Veterans by purchasing an ad in our Commemorative Ad Book. Your creativity will help make this a memorable keepsake.


Saluting 10 Years of Service

10 Year Aniversary of Defenders of Freedom
Defenders of Freedom will celebrate our 10 year anniversary on September 11, 2014! We are proud of the work we have done for our deployed, wounded Troops and returning Veterans over the years. We continue to add more about the history and evolution of Defenders of Freedom.

Carrick Brain Center

Carrick Brain Center
Defenders of Freedom is proud to partner with Carrick Brain Center in support of Veterans struggling with TBI and PTS. They are innovatively treating the brain pharmaceutically free. Defenders of Freedom has seen firsthand the difference this treatment has made for some of our Veterans. The results from the treatment have been a life changing experience for some of them. Defenders of Freedom will work to help raise awareness about Carrick Brain Center as well as funds to help other Veterans be able to get the treatment. Watch Video

Remembering Our Fallen

Remembering Our Fallen
"Remembering Our Fallen" was created to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Its legacy will be that these men and women will never be forgotten and that their names will be remembered and spoken. It was created by Patriot Productions and funded by Bellevue University. Defenders of Freedom is honored to be the host organization, making sure this exhibit travels the state of Texas. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices these men and women have made for our freedom. It is fitting we should help keep their memories alive.

About Defenders of Freedom

Defenders of Freedom is a Non Profit Organization (501c3) that has been faithfully serving the Troops for over 7 years. Sending care packages to the Troops deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait, along with many other areas, has been the top priority from the beginning. As the war has prolonged, there has been an increasing need of help for the wounded Soldiers as they begin transitioning into their lives at home. Defenders of Freedom has been able to help meet the needs of some of these Soldiers. We also hope to increase the amount of help available to them through DOF. We thank each of our donors and volunteers for the increasing awareness and support of DOF.

Our funds are used to: Send support boxes to our men and women in uniform, Support wounded Soldiers with emergency financial assistance, Support the families of wounded Soldiers, Support the USO at DFW Airport, and more.

Golf Fore the Troops

September 22, 2014 - Golf Fore The Troops, our annual golf outing event, raises awareness and generates support for deployed and wounded Troops. Be sure to join us at Montour Heights Country Club in Coraopolis, PA for the annual event.


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